Learning Basics of ECG

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Learning Basics of ECG

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Dr. Sultan R Alenazy

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The Learning Needs

The scientific planning committee identified a gap in the knowledge regarding basics of ECG including brief review of conduction system, waves and intervals, and electrodes and leads, how to systematically interpret an ECG paper


The Learning Outcomes

During this course, the trainee will be able to interpret an ECG paper see in daily basis


The Learning Objectives

To Identify ECG electrodes and leads by understanding normal conductive system

based in medical history and clinical presentations

To demonstrate the knowledge to diagnose common cardiac disease like arrhythmia and ischemia

To apply the appropriate approach to interpret an ECG paper


Methods of Education to Achieve the Objectives

Participant will watch videos  , then after that, will be given questions to answers for evaluation for enhancement in the learning process


Evaluation of Scientific Activity by the Participants

Evaluation form be send to participants after course. It is important to know , it is mandatory to get certification


Target Audience

Medical Physician



Dr. Sultan Alenazy

Internal Medicine Consultant & Adul Cardiology Consultant. He has many scientific researches and specializes in IM and Cardiology


Course Authorization

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties : ACA-20240001616

Saudi National ELearning : 2000261132002046


Features of Watching

It can be viewed anywhere and anytime - Easy to view from your Phone

Get a Certificate after Watching it in full and Pass Exam for Assessment


رابط الاستبيان لمقياس تحديد رضا المستفيد سواء متدرب أو مدرب حول 

هذا البرنامج التدريبي


وضع دليل توضيحي بالصفحة الرئيسية للمنصة بالطريقة ( فيديو توضيحي ) للوصول لأي مقرر  أو برنامج و لمعرفة كيفية البدء باستخدام المقررات و الدورات الإلكترونية و معرفة المهارات التقنية و الكفايات المطلوبة من المتدرب و المدرب 


للتواصل مع الدعم الفني المستمر في حال وجود اي مشكلة فنية و تقنية الصفحة 


دليل سياسة التواصل


آلية رفع المقترحات و الشكاوي




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Pre Test
Normal Conduction System
ECG Interpretation
The Isoelectric Lead شاهد مجانا
ST Segment
Post Test
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